Mrs Coffee Farmer


Less than 10% of the value produced by the coffee industry remains in producing countries. Furthermore, the gender gap in the coffee industry is among the largest in the agricultural sector. Around 70% of the workforce in the coffee production is made up of women, a percentage that rises to 80% in the harvesting of fruits. Despite this, only 10% of the land belongs to women, who receive just 2% of funding in agriculture.

Produced by Women

We only promote coffee produced by women, thereby reducing the gender inequality of the coffee industry.

Direct Trade

We source directly from producing countries, reducing intermediaries and creating more value for producers.

Fair and Sustainable

We give the right value to specialty coffee and to those who produce it, in order to make the coffee industry sustainable in the long term.


Our coffees are single origin and not blends in order to give the right visibility and recognition to producers of quality coffee.

Nothing increases the GDP of a country more than the participation of women in the workforce at the same conditions as men.

A daily practice such as drinking a good coffee can result in a tangible and measurable social impact. Making an impact has never been easier: as easy as having a coffee.

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the direct trade of quality coffee produced exclusively by women. Roasted in origin. No intermediaries.

Cooperativa Mujeres Cafeteras del Cauca

Bettering women's conditions since 1990

Since the 1990s, the AMUCC association has worked to improve the living conditions of women at risk of social exclusion in several municipalities in Cauca.


Working directly with the AMUCC associates allows society to improve and reduce the gap within disadvantaged groups in a region where illegal armed groups have, for decades, created a zone of military and social conflict.

Cooperativa de Mujeres Las Gaviotas del Paujil

Women who have overcome armed conflict

Various military groups and the guerrillas have not been able to silence the dream of these coffee producers in the Paujil area, in Caquetá.


This cooperative was founded in 2013, about thirty years after the forced displacement due to the armed conflict of the 80s. And since then its associates, mainly women left alone because of the clashes of those years, produce this excellent Amazonian coffee .

Cooperativa del Sur del Cauca

Investing in young women and sustainability

The COSURCA cooperative was founded in 1993 and, since then, has had a fundamental role in the area by offering an alternative to armed groups operating in the territory and to illegal cultivation. In areas like this, coffee is indeed the only possible alternative.


This cooperative unites different groups of producers and indigenous groups in the territory, and since its inception has among its objectives the sustainability and inclusion of women at social risk, favouring their participation in the workforce.

Mrs Coffee Farmer entails a financial contribution from the Microfinance Fund of Etica sgr and Banca Etica.